Event Medical Planning


Event Medical Planning

From the moment Festimed is commissioned we’re happy to manage all the medical aspects including planning, event Medical Operational Plans, statutory body liaisons, SAGs, etc

From the moment Festimed is commissioned to provide the medical provision at your event we start working on the planning aspect.  We would provide you with a fully comprehensive Medical Operational Plan (MOP) which would include various aspects such as resourcing, risk assessments, infrastructures, etc.

In addition to the MOP we can also be the liaison with the statutory ambulance service to ensure that they know who is providing the medical provision and what capabilities we have.  Throughout the years we have formed good working relationships with various organisations ensuring that the whole planning process is smooth. Should it be required then we can attend any applicable statutory body meetings and / or table top meetings.

We work on the resourcing and logistics ensuring that the appropriate and agreed cover is provided and provide a fully comprehensive specification list of any requirements well in advance to the client.

From a staffing point of view we ensure that any applicable training relevant to the event has been undertaken and also provide all staff working the event with a specific Event Information Pack so they know exactly what is expected of them.

When the event is over we can provide a comprehensive report.

We really are your one and only point of contact for your medical provision at your event.