Response Units

Response Units

Response Units

We deploy various types of vehicles at our events

All our staff are fully competent and trained in the use of the response units.  We also ensure that they understand the complexities of working in densely crowded areas and on the various types of surfaces. The only time that you would see a Festimed crew on blue lights is for genuine emergencies and never for minor injuries.  Our rationale is due to the increased crowd risk when on blue lights / sirens and also the whole ‘cry wolf’ scenario too.

Response Units

Our Vehicles

We deploy various types of vehicles to our events.


Festimed can supply emergency ambulances that are equipped similar to that of the statutory ambulance services but more relevant to event style work.  These vehicles are fully capable of conveying patients around the site, and if required off site to the nearest appropriate hospital. The staff that crew these vehicles are fully qualified and they would undertake this type of role for a statutory ambulance service generally. These are maintained fully throughout the year regardless of amount of use and we operate a preventative type of maintenance on our fleet. 


All terrain vehicles 

These vehicles can be in the form of a 4×4 or buggy, we do not utilise quads as feel that these can be unsafe especially when a patient may be on board.  Depending on the event type depends on the type of all terrain vehicle we would provide. We recognize that these vehicles can gain access to areas that a standard ambulance perhaps would be able to due to trackway, etc. and understand the importance of having them on site. 


Cycle Response Units 

These bicycle response units can be invaluable at some events as they have the freedom to gain quick access to a patient in an area that a vehicle may not be able to reach easily.  We always crew these units with applicably qualified staff that have the experience to undertake this solo role. 


Pit Teams 

Our Pit Team Medics are the ones that are situated at the Medical Post by the stages and then also in the area between the stage and the crowd which is known as the Pit.  We provide additional training as we understand that this can be a high risk area plus being very fast paced. These medics have extensive experience both medically and within the event industry which allows for good interaction between the different agencies. 


Foot Units 

These are teams of staff that respond to incidents around the event on foot and are often given a dedicated area to cover so that should a call be received within that area they are already nearby.  We do not believe in these units carrying large rucksacks that can be extremely heavy, but instead they would have a more suitable smaller bag containing the necessary equipment for this role. Along with the other response units available they can quickly assess if a more senior staff member is required and / or a vehicle to transport.