Please see below a list of FAQs that may be important to you if you are attending an event for which Festimed is providing the medical provision at. If you feel we have left anything out or need further clarification then please feel free to contact us.

In the majority of cases we would say no that you do not need to make us specifically aware of your condition.  We do ask that you wear a piece of SOS jewellery or carry a card in your wallet or bag that is easily accessible with the details of your complaint, how to treat it, who to contact in case of an emergency, your allergies and any medication you are already on.  If your condition would stop you from communicating this information then we would love for you to pop into us to say hello and have a quick chat.

If you have taken drugs or excess alcohol and end up being treated by a medic for a related or non related reason please just tell us.  We are bound to privacy and will not share this information with our friends. This information is very important to your treatment and may result in longer treatment times if it is not disclosed.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer this service.  We recommend that you tell a friend where you are going so that you can get a lift back and / or ensure you take enough cash with you so you can make your own way back.

If you require medical treatment at one of our medical facilities then the cost of the emergency treatment is free.  This includes any emergency transport off site to other hospitals and any emergency medication you may need. If you require non emergency medications such as antibiotics, painkillers, etc. then there will be a small charge for this course of medication or it can be purchased from our Drug & Medication Store

All of Festimed staff wear navy uniform, depending on their role they may also wear a hi vis vest also.  All the uniform has the Festimed logo along with ‘medic’ on it. Some staff will wear an additional badge or lanyard with their qualification on it too.  If we are not the only medical provider at an event then some of the medics may wear a uniform that isn’t navy.

We want to ensure that it is clear what each person does when they are site with the role of a medic.  Whilst we do not split down the role of medic into different elements such as a Doctor, Nurse or Paramedic on the hi vis vest (this information is shown on other badges), we ensure that you know who is a supervisor or not.

Simply click here which will take you to the recruitment part where you can complete our online application form.  We employ a wide variety of medical staff and also clerical staff as well. Providing you pass our recruitment process we would love for you to join the Festimed Family.  We do not have volunteer staff or offer the facility of a festival ticket in return for a certain number of hours worked at that festival

If you attended one of our medical facilities at an event and require your notes then you must complete this Data Protection release form and email it to us as soon as you can – admin@festimed.org.

We strongly recommend that you keep all your medications on you at all times.  However, if you have a backup stock of emergency medications that you would like us to store safely for you then we can do this if they are refrigerated if it is an event that we are providing this facility at.  There may be a small charge to cover the deposit for a key.

If it’s an emergency then stay where you are.  Send someone else off to find the nearest member of event staff (security, stewards, fire, police, etc.) so they can request for medical assistance for you.

If you are the one that is sent for help they try to remember land marks (stage, shop, camp site colour, etc.) so you can tell the person you find to call for medical assistance.  You may be asked to stay where you found that event staff person so that when our medics get to there you can show them where to go, if this is the case please don’t run off otherwise this may delay in the medics reaching the patient.

If it’s not an emergency then please make you way to the nearest medical facility (hospital, medical centre, first aid post, etc.) on site.  These are often marked on the map you will have but if not any event staff should be able to point you in the right direction.

Please be aware that medication cannot be given out for friends, the patient must be present.

At larger events and festivals that we cover with overnight camping we provide a Medication & Drug Store.  This is based at the reception area in the main event hospital and is there to help you with these items.

All of our UK staff are vetted to enhanced clearance level with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).  All of our Irish staff are vetted through the National Vetting Bureau by the Garda. We conduct all these checks at recruitment stage and at regular intervals afterwards.

In addition to this we have a strict recruitment process and conduct checks as applicable regularly for items such as driving licences, registered bodies, etc.

We supply a lot of medical provision at events and festivals and it’s much more than just first aid.  We can treat any condition from a grazed knee to a cardiac arrest. We employ a wide range of health care professionals including Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and Practitioners

If you don’t then it’s simple – you will feel like pants and get a severe hang over.  We recommend that for every alcoholic drink you have also to drink ½ a pint of water. It is important to drink the water over the course of the day for it to be most effective

We offer basic sexual health advice at all our events.  This can range from providing barrier devices (e.g. condoms, etc.) to the ‘morning after pill’.  This, as you can imagine, can be very concerning to some of the event goes (regardless of age!). We can also advise the public on basic sexual health matters.

At the larger events and festival, particularly with overnight camping, we offer a safe storage facility for refrigerated medication.  This is a free service and is on a first come, first served basis. We cannot accept sharps within this medication and we ask for the medication to be security bagged and not to hold any other items due to storage space. This has really had an impact on some festival goers as they get very concerned when they are camping in the middle of field for a weekend with no electricity.