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January 25-27

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We recognise that each and every one of our staff are a valuable asset in helping us achieve our vision of a modern medical service comparable to the statotary services. With this in mind, our uniformed staff are qualified to the highest standards in all the most up-to-date medical techniques.

Med Centre

FestiMed has invested heavily into our mobile event hospital with continuous improvements and upgrades resulting in a very impressive structure.

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We deploy various types of vehicles to our events and adapt our deployment to the type of events and indeed the terrain required.

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Rigging Med

As festival and event rigging can be “against the clock” our medics are well exposed to the pressures that are put on rigging teams on site.

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Medical risk assessment can be difficult. That’s why we are happy to assist with open, honest and realistic event medical management and planning.

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Rally Medic

We supply various senior grade Doctors, Emergency Care Practitioners and Advanced Paramedics all over the UK and Ireland for motorsport events.

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A list of questions that may be important to you when your arrive at the event. If we have left anything out, then let us know and drop us a line!

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A workshop is embedded into a conference; it doesn’t take place on its own, but it takes place during the main conference.



One of the things that distinguishes ADAPT from other continuing professional programs is the quality of our online moderators.

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